Some Souls are Meant to Meet

A little over a year ago Tiffany and MiShell met. They each had their own smaller spaces at the same location. The trouble-makers that they were, they were often to be found in each other’s shop.

You don’t Laugh, You Cackle

When they show witches together in movies they are always cackling. This is not because they are evil, or because they are thinking bad thoughts. Witches cackle because they find someone that makes them forget to be politically correct, or to worry about if they are doing a pretty cry, or any of that other silly stuff. When MiShell and Tiffany are together, they cackle. Now, ask their husbands and kids, it does probably mean they are up to no good, but it doesn’t mean evil… just maybe more work for those around them.

Midnight Raven

Tiffany has always been a healer and a protector. She created Midnight Raven to do just that. It was an opportunity for her to use her herbal, energy, tincture, and all the years of study to use to help those in need. Even while owning her shop, she continued to not only help her clients, she sent sent them to see MiShell too.


MiShell has worked as a psychic medium, paranormal investigator, and teacher for many years. In 2022 began selling her witchy crafts in Texas, after making it her forever home. Becoming a customer of Midnight Raven’s, MiShell began sending her own clients to see Tiffany.  They soon began to spend as much time in each other’s shop as their own.

Teaching Together

Soon they were teaching together and planning classes that would flow well into one another.

Their old location, though filled with great energy, just didn’t meet their needs in terms of size availability. Tiffany and MiShell began to conjure up something new and exciting.

RavenCraft was Born

This is not just the labor of two women but our families. Some are our employees who go beyond what others would ever do. Some family members are rides or a sounding board on days that are tough. The best are the ones who help us dream of all the amazing things this can and will be.


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