Artisan Vendors

We have been so blessed to find great spaces to sell our goods before we found our previous and then this shop. We want to give the same to others. This also gives our customers a variety of new items coming in all the time. These are amazing vendors who make quality goods. So much time goes into each and everything they create.

Laura’s Artistry

Laura is our Primer Artesian with an entire galley room to herself. She is a mixed medium artist with not only paintings but beautiful things for your home, like coasters and trivets, even cards. This means she has things for every budget. I want to talk for a moment about stepping into her room. Take a second and step back from each painting and allow the ones you fall in love with draw you closer, trust me, they will. It is when you step back that you appreciate the movement, the color, and how it can look in your own home.

Don’t forget, Laura takes commissions. Let her know your color  scheme and she can create the perfect piece you have been looking for.

The Wild Poppy

There are lots of cup makers in this world, but I haven’t seen any who take the kind of care that Wild Poppy does. You can see the artistry is beautiful, this is not sublimation. The fill is just wicked. Depending on the cup, some is glitter, some is shaped pieces, and some I will call ooze. I call it ooze because it is not always red, but when it is red it is the best moving blood cup I have ever seen. Customers can NOT stop playing with these cups.

I have not even gotten to the three dimensional cups. Please go check their Instagram page, or better yet, come in here and see for yourself.

Lavern and Girlies

Time for the yummies. You just can’t beat a Mom making jams and mixes with her daughters. Mrs. Lavern just happens to be the Momma of our very own Tiffany. The coasters and ornaments are adorable, but let me tell you, for my family, it is all about that jam.

Expect to see even a wider variety soon as her space will be expanding sometime in November. We are excited.

Forget me Knot Stitchery

Its faire time, its faire time. For me its never not really faire time. Jaime and Ky are fantastic faire attire makers. Not only are we lucky enough to have a portion of their stock in our shop, but we have their order sheet. That’s right my friends, we can assist you with custom orders. Why go as someone off the rack when your garb can be what you always dreamed.

Do you have something you want to sell in our shop?

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