Winter Hours

Tuesday- Thursday: Noon- 8 pm

Friday: Noon-8 pm

Saturday: 12pm-10pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Events, Activities, and Classes

We will still be coming out with monthly calendars, but starting with January, we are listing all of our classes and giving you the opportunity to take a class at a time that meets your schedule. For most classes there are two prices listed. The first is the price if you are willing to have this be open to other students. The second price is typically, $10 more and makes the class a private class. No more worrying about having missed a class.

Unfortunately our website provider has discontinued online scheduling, but we have plans to be able to return to that soon. To schedule a course do one of the following:

Full Class list

Don’t worry there are links to the sections and descriptions below. This is just the list of what we are currently offering and we have more to come.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

—Anthony J. D'Angelo

Course Sections

Click the links below to see more full descriptions of the courses or series of courses you are interested in.

Witchcraft Basics 101


Protection Series

Divination Series

Mediumship Series

Herbalism Series

Family Series

Spellwork Series

Make your Own Magic Series


You fill the calendar

Call us at 210-265-1911, message us on social media, or email us at and we let us know which class you would like to take this month. Don’t forget to add if you would like to make it “Open” (where we advertise it to other clients) or if you would like a Private class (Private classes will not be added to the calendar, we already have private classes on the schedule). Let us know some dates and times that work for you and we will find the perfect time for you. Contact us soon.

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