MiShell- Professional Practitioner, Mentor, and Spiritual Advisor

Also known as Lady Mish on the Renaissance Festival Circuit

Experience, Compassion, and Insight

MiShell has been teaching metaphysical classes for thirty years and working as a professional spiritual advisor for twenty-eight; though her personal experience started much earlier. MiShell has performed readings for private clients and large public events and is available for both in-person or distanced readings.

As the spouse of  a, now retired, military member she has had the opportunity to do spiritual advisory not only around the country but around the world. Particularly in the Omaha area, MiShell supported the metaphysical community as being a fixture in the Omaha Mystic Festival and other notable events. She was also known in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa for her home and business cleansings, investigations, and mediumship.

She specializes in assisting her clients with spiritual growth through divination. This means using all skills available to her to find the piece of knowledge that the spirit world is attempting to show them. This could be through tarot, runes, palmistry, oracle, mediumship, past life regression, astrology, numerology, or other spiritual means.

Now that MiShell has settled into San Antonio she has loved meeting a whole new clientele and likeminded friends. Please reach out to her and let her know how her talents can meet your needs.

Spiritual Advisory

Tarot: This is our most commonly requested advisory service. Tarot can be great for answering a particular question you have or for giving you direction. Though warning, there are times when the cards will tell you what you need to hear not always what you are asking. Though rarely do clients tell me that the cards were not spot on. They just may have wanted to know about their love life and the cards wanted to talk about a more pressing issue at work. Tarot focuses on how outside forces impact you.

Oracle: Where Tarot talks about without, Oracle speaks about what is going on within. Oracle is all about the emotional forces going on inside you. This is used to better understand why you make the choices you do, how you can make better choices, and how to achieve your dreams. Oracle focuses on how you impact yourself.

Palmistry: (I apologize this is an in person only reading. I have had people send me pictures of their hands before but it does not give enough information). Palmistry is more than the lines on a person’s hand. It is the shape of their fingers, the way they hold their hands. The temperature and coloration in relation to the rest of their body. My grandmother told me that you were doing a mini medical check on someone when you read their palm. I am clearly not a medical professional and can not give you medical advice, I can use your hand to help see your past and the path options for your future. This can be a tool to help you make better choices as you move forward. If I were to pick one reading to have done frequently, I would pick palmistry once a month. It really shows, “am I making those changes to better my life?” or did you just nod and tell the reader how much that sounds just like you but made no real changes.

Tea Leaf Readings: In person readings only. Sit down and choose between our selection of teas. After enjoying a moment with your tea, we will sit together and we the leaves tell us about the things that are blocking you and how to get them out of your way.

Numerology or Astrology: I put these together because when I do one, I do both. They always come as a package deal. On this, feel free to message me before scheduling this, or to come in.  I prefer to include a full natal chart and detailed information. Astrology is more than a simple horoscope, it is math and astronomy mixed with mysticism and a whole lot of study. It is one of the things not passed down to me by my grandmother and that I had to seek out other mentors to teach me. This is a VERY detailed reading and includes me doing hours of math and reading star charts. I do NOT make the client sit through all of that. It has taken a lot of study to master and I am proud to provide a product that you may choose to keep for a lifetime.

When your information is compiled I have it bound into a book that you can keep for and refer back to for a lifetime. When the book is complete we sit down and I go over the information with you, look you in the eye and discuss it any any questions you have. If I were to try to gather the information while you where here I would be on the computer looking up what day of the week your birthday fell and not fully interacting with you. I want you to get what you pay for.

One thing I love to do is newborn natal charts. They are a great gift for a baby showers. Giving a gift certificate for a natal chart at the shower, then on the day the baby is born, send me a message with the child’s full name and date of birth. I will prepare the chart in a decorative book and send it to the family. It is a great gift they will be able to share with the child.

Past Life Regression: Going from new birth to rebirth, past life regression therapy is a great way to understand not only your past, but why you do the things that you do now. Your past lives impact your current choices. They can help you learn or they can lock you in a cycle of bad choices. Opening yourself up to an understanding of those past lives is a great way to break free. Warning though, many people go into PLR expecting to find that they were a king or knight in shinning armor. We can’t all be famous and we can’t all be kings and queens. Accepting that before you attempt Past Life Regression is a healthy step.

Reiki: Energy flows through all things. Blockages in that energy contributes to increased pain, the worsening of medical conditions, and a lack of stability in all areas of life (both medical and psychological). The practice of reiki is about removing those blockages and allowing your own energy to flow freely to where it needs to. At times, this means directing some of it toward a place that needs healing, others it means directing energy away from a place of pain that is just so charged with energy that it can’t receive the healing physicians are offering.


None of the work I do are used to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical, or mental illness. MishCraft LLC, Midnight Raven LLC and together DBA as RavenCraft, are not Doctors or medical professionals of any kind. Always check with your PCM, PCP, or Mental Health provider first.

Spirit Work

Home or business Cleansings or Investigation

Available for investigative or home cleansings in the San Antonio area. Outside the San Antonio area travel must be paid for in advance.

I have experience not only working with clearing but with helping businesses and homes determining which spirits were malevolent and which were not. Helping them to remove those that intended harm while keeping those that were family and belonged in the family owned business. I believe in discretion and keeping quiet about the investigations going on in your home or business unless you want that information released.

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