What is Midnight Raven?

Midnight Raven LLC was founded by Tiffany and Shawn, with Tiffany as the face you see here at RavenCraft day-to-day. Not only is she able to answer your questions on countless subjects her Energy Readings and Herbal Consultations are something that everyone should try.

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Energy surrounds all things, how we connect to that energy impacts our moods and our general quality of life. Has anyone accused you of making the same mistakes over and over again? This can be, in part because of an energy surrounding you. As an energy reader, Tiffany can read those energies and have a discussion with you about how you can make changes in your life to change the energies that flow around you. She can help you learn to protect yourself from the negative ones and allowing the positive energy in.

You can come in for a reading or schedule a reading from our website and come in at your scheduled time.

Energy Readings

Clinical Herbalist

Midnight Raven has an amazing Herbalist on site. Herbs were the world’s first medicines. Ancient cultures understood these herbs and how to put them to use in order to heal everything from a simple cut to gut ailments. Around the world, modern cultures continue this practice today with apothecaries stationed beside major metropolitan hospitals in many countries. It is Midnight Raven’s goal, to bring that harmony of medicine and herbalism here. To create a care team, where you feel empowered to take control of your own health, working alongside with your Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or PCM, and your Herbalist to create a plan for better health.

Can I stop taking all my medications?

Please don’t. The idea of a consultation with Midnight Raven is for you to take this information back to your medical healthcare team for review and be sure they agree with this ADDITION to your current plan. The goal is for you to get to a place of better health. To stop having to continually add to your medications, to see your bloodwork improve, and to feel an improvement in your quality of life. That doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen when your body goes into shock because you stopped all the medication it is used to.

Why use herbs when medications exist?

According to an article published by the National Library of Medicine in 2013, over 50% of modern medications have a plant base. It says further in the article that pharmaceutical scientists are traveling around the world to study with indigenous cultures in order to learn about new herbal medicines they can create a pharmaceutical version of. Yes, there is a plant, they are breaking it down to figure out how it works and turning it into a pill. Now, does that mean the plant would be more effective, probably not, but it does mean that there are ways we can adjust our diets and add to what we are doing to make our lives better.

Why shouldn’t I just grab a bunch of supplements off the shelf?

Because if you take too many supplements you can make yourself sick. Coming in and talking to a Herbalist helps you know what works with your medication and what doesn’t. Our Herbalist also gives you a sheet with all the information to give to your medical team, so everyone is aware of everything you are taking. There is nothing worse than not having the Doctor know you are taking something and then he/she give you a medication that then puts you in an unsafe position. This is where you are in control of your own health. You tell everyone how YOU feel. What makes things better, what doesn’t. Be an advocate for your own health.

Our Midnight Raven Herbalist is a big supporter of current medicine but understands that herbs have a place in our lives. She can teach you the proper way to use these herbs to better your life and live that healthier life. During your consultation, everything is kept completely confidential. Our Herbalist is not a Doctor or medical practitioner. The Herbalist will not treat, cure, or diagnose, any kind of illness or disease.

The Consultation

A consultation will be up to an hour long in order to go through all the information. Please bring a list of all medications, and a short list of your medical history to expedite the history portion. The Herbalist will sit and go over different herbal options and how they could interact with your current medications. Before you leave the Herbalist will give you paperwork to take back to your medical care team with her suggestions. This way you can discuss the options together and come up with the best plan forward.

There are three parts of feeling better. The Herbalist will help you learn more about the herbs work with your body to feel the best you can. Your Medical Team will monitor how things are working and make sure you are on the proper medications. The most important part, YOU, use your voice to tell both the Herbalist and your medical team your needs and how you feel. You stop waiting and start feeling like yourself again. Come start the journey to feeling better today.


Energy Readings and Herbalism are not used to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical, or mental illness. We are Midnight Raven LLC, MishCraft LLC, DBA together as RavenCraft are not Doctors or medical professionals of any kind. Always check with your PCM, PCP, or Mental Health provider first.  

Magickal Herbs

Tiffany is also adept at magical herbcraft. Not only in the selection of but teaches amazing classes in. She has a wide assortment in the store that will be growing with the addition of our apothecary room opening soon.


Magickal herbs are not to be ingested.

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